Technoline Projects has diversified and entered the Hybrid or Alternative Power solution market. These alternative forms of power sources are in the form of solar power generation, wind power generation, fuel cells and battery banks used for power storage.


These various alternative sources of power are configured to form a solution dependant on specific requirements. This market is of strategic importance to us as most GSM Cellular Operators, private enterprise and households are serious about reducing escalating power costs and in turn reduce carbon emission levels.



  • Planning and design of Hybrid solutions for the GSM Cellular/Telecom market
  • Planning and design of Alternative Power solutions for private enterprise and general households.
  • Supply of management and monitoring system which ties in with designed power systems.
  • Modification of existing GSM Cellular Base Stations to include alternative power sources which reduce commercial power usage.



Technoline Projects have provided a number of Hybrid Solutions for a very well respected GSM Cellular Operator and are located in the Karoo area of the Western Cape.


Technoline Projects have an alternative power source system which in turn limits the usage of commercial power to a minimal thus focusing on the usage of alternative sources of power. This system can be adapted and used in various markets.